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Olympus Singapore Digital Dictation Transcription Voice Recorder

Latest Olympus Dictation & Transcription Kits

Digital dictation and transcription kits from Olympus. All you need for digital dictation using a handheld dictaphone and transcription typing kit to process your audio. All kits contain Olympus Windows dictation and transcription workflow software as well as software for macOS.

Singapore Olympus Dictation App iOS Android ds2 ODDS

Olympus Dictation App for iOS & Android 

Dictate anytime from anywhere using the Olympus Dictation App for iOS and Android. The only app that can create and securely send individually encrypted DSS Pro (.ds2) audio files sent direct to your typing pool, outsource transcription service or your own email for processing through Dragon Speech Recognition.

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Olympus Dictation App 60 Day Free Trial

Want to try dictating on your smartphone anytime from anywhere? Create and send secure encrypted DSS Pro (.ds2) dictation letters and notes from your iPhone or Android phone with the Olympus Dictation App, try it for free for 60 days…




Olympus DS-9500 with WiFi

The latest digital dictaphone from Olympus, the DS-9500, has built-in wifi. You can securely connect and email your digital dictation audio files directly from the device itself. Useful if you are working out of the office.

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